Obama, even Gandhi cannot Speak on Religious Intolerance in India

Obama must forget What Gandhi Would have Thought about Religious Intolerance in India. Why? As Bapu or Mahatma Gandhi has ceased to be someone who can speak on Religious intolerance in his own country. Of Late, Gandhi has been made as someone who was pained to the core of his heart, by one thing — Trash. He has been made as someone who sacrificed his entire life not for the upliftment of the poorest, feeblest of the men; but for the war against Trash.

The moment BJP came to power, one of the first agendas it took was the Pan India Cleanliness Drive. Mahatma Gandhi, who spoke all his life against Religious intolerance and inhuman treatment to a fellow human being, was made the brand ambassador of the Campaign. A multi-crore ad campaign which freely used Bapu’s favourite Hymn — Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye je, peer parayi jane re (In English Means : A Good Soul is one which understands the Pain of another creature). No connection between the Hymn and the Cleanliness, Right? But still, the hymn along with Bapu’s picture is used.

No wonder, even after the campaign, our cities, towns and villages are as trash laden as before.

But the sad thing is, this wrong pegging of Gandhi’s favorite hymn and cleanliness (as they say in advertising) has resulted in a monumental loss… India has lost someone who can talk about injustice and intolerance… We are losing Gandhi.

PS: The article is a response to Barack Obama’s today’s statement, where he says : Acts of Religious Intolerance in India Would Have Shocked Gandhi