Why Omar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar want Govt. to prove Sedition?

The JNU slogan issue is nearly a month old now. But the slogans have still not faded from our minds. All credit must be given to the spokespersons and leaders of the ruling party, who repeated them so much, that too in the open, that it appears the guys who shouted the slogans gave them the photocopies of the said script. That said, the anonymous sloganeering are still anonymous; and a couple of young men who are cooling their heels in police custody are being explored for any seditious traits.

Under such a scenario, many people are asking: If the anti-India slogans raised at JNU were raised by sabotaging elements, then why do these guys and their sympathizers are not stating the fact that anonymous sabotage elements raised the slogans?

The answer lies in the University : The JNU

The University encourages questioning and dissent (the holding or expression of opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held).

What does this mean? This means that the students and teachers there will not accept something simply because someone calls it seditious. They will not back off if you try to corner them with an accusation.

They will ask: Although I have NOT raised such slogans, what if I had raised them, would they make for sedition as per law!

Lets accept it, many among us don’t have the skill. Simply because we were never taught how to.

Tell you, if these small section of people have not been putting the Courts to correctly interpret the Laws, then the laws such as Sedition would have been used more frequently.

But lets not get swayed away on the name of love for the Nation. It’s the easiest thing to do right now, as accepting someone else’s definition of Love for the Country, would mean not using one’s mind.