On OROP : Manohar Parrikar excluded VRS from OROP

The very next day of announcing One Rank One Pension, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the Metro launch rally in Faridabad Haryana, blamed the political rivals for spreading rumours about OROP. The rumour that those taking voluntary retirement from the service (VRS) will not get the benefit of the OROP.

Actually, it’s not the political rivals of BJP who informed the Defence personnel that those taking VRS are excluded from One Rank One Pension. Then who informed or mis-informed them? The Minister of Defence Manohar Parrikar, that too in the GOI’s Official Press Conference.

Actually, the speech for PM Modi’s Faridabad Rally was so cleverly drafted that the PM also said what his defence Minister said a day before, that ONLY those defence personnel who are sent home because of some injury or medical condition during the course of service will get the benefit of OROP.

If the truth of the pudding lies in the eating, then only the time will tell who gets the benefit of OROP and by when.