One Lesson Abhinav Bindra can teach us — “Step Back”

Abhinav Bindra, the Only Indian with an Olympic Gold medal in an individual sport, is not a darling of the 24-hours TV News channels. Why? As even in his once a couple of years interactions with the media, he appears terse and a man of few words. A big obstacle in the path of TV stardom, where words make you a celebrity. The more words the better.

He may not be a sweetheart of Indian media, but he surely is a motivation for anyone who wants to be an achiever in Life. And one lesson which anyone aspiring to achieve something big in life can learn from him is : Living in the Present and focussing on your immediate goal.

What does this mean: Living in the present doesn’t mean making small goals for a day, which bring you more closer to the final goal. Living in the present also means, not disclosing much to the World. Every time Abhinav Bindra tells the World, he focusses on his next shot, he doesn’t mean focussing on one’s immediate goal. His one liner means much more than that. Something he seldom says.

What is that? When someone says he/she lives in the present and focuses on the immediate goal, he/she in a way takes the World out of his/her planning. When Abhinav Bindra says, he doesn’t know about what he will be doing two years from now, can you believe him? Winning an Olympic Gold doesn’t come without planning. Hence he surely must be making both long and short term goals. By becoming clueless, he’s actually stopping the World from looking looking furtively or secretly into his plans. Tell you, his new book with Bindra taking an aim (possibly at Rio 2016 Olympics Gold) says something.

How You do yourself a Favour!

Remember, every time you tell your parents, neighbours, friends and the World, you are clueless about what you will be doing one year or 5 years from now, you do yourself a big favour. You unburden your mind with any positive or negative expectations. Both positive and negative expectations burden our minds. Positive expectations can be understood as the pressure we feel when we want our parents to feel proud. Negative expectations are those which make us anxious, every time we think of that friend, who always believed will be glad with our failures.

Does that mean , revealing our plans to the World is bad? No. As if you become a complete air-tight soul, then you will lose any good wishes, fans and true friends. The idea is to do that in a balanced way. For World outside one’s home — We should be better judge of people.

For our parents, we must know the art of “Stepping Back”. You can understand it this way: Every time your parents start seeing you Einstein-like or some Superhuman, tell them how difficult the act is. And how many of your friends perfected it in a matter of seconds.

Other productivity Thoughts, some other day…