One Serious Side Effect of Ayurvedic Medicines — Hypochondriasis

The other day , a Balika Vadhu (a soap on Colors Channel) fan was defending his and his wife’s love for the serial, with these words — The serial is Knowledge Enhancing (the serial is ‘Gyan Vardhak’). When I asked how , the person replied : The thought or Daily Thought (Aaj Ka Vichaar) at the end of the show keeps people on the Good path. Inside my mind, I thought , what about the shameful exhibition of wealth and obsolete traditions on the name of drama? But I thought not to argue with them, if they are happy with that reasoning, then who am I to question that. But it would have been more entertaining a defence if they have defended their love for the soap, simply on the grounds of entertainment.

That said, a similar logic is put forward by the viewers of Acharya balKrishna daily show on Ayurvedic cures and medicines. When asked what is great about the show? Many viewers say : It gives information about remedies & cures of day to day common and not so common ailments.

No wonder many such viewers religiously watch and note the ayurvedic cures, medicines  shared by the Acharya; with a hope that if someday they or any of their loved one gets that ailment, they will have the remedy ready.

There’s a word in English language ‘Hypochondriac’ ! 

Feeling IllHypochondria or hypochondriasis means preoccupying fear of having a serious illness. A person with hypochondria continues to think about diseases, illnesses (both mild and serious ) despite appropriate medical evaluations and reassurances that his/her health is fine.

With no disrespect to anyone, having a urge to keep reading and making notes about medicines, cures and remedies about diseases , is one of the common symptoms of Hypochondria.

Logic says: Doctor is out there to think about diseases and cures. He has studied diseases, illness and cures as his profession. A person who is not a doctor must not take the role of a doctor, even for himself/herself. Such a person must focus on his/her primary profession — study, job, house etc. ; and leave any concerns about his/her health to the qualified doctor. For a non-doctor, thinking about disease, illness and its remedies too much ; is like a non-pilot thinking about flying a plane, someday.

Reading about diseases and their remedies has not done any good to any person, except a doctor. Hence, if you’re not a doctor, stop watching such shows and magazines. If you get ill sometimes, which we sometimes do; then go to a doctor. Follow his advice; and when he tells you are fine; believe your doctor.

Many people see Ayurveda as a zero side effect medicine system. The belief can itself be wrong. But if one still wants to see Ayurveda as an innocent goat, then One Serious Side Effect of Ayurvedic Medicines — Hypochondriasis . If you keep thinking too much about Ayurveda, you will eternally see yourself unhealthy and will keep buying bag fulls of Ayurvedic medicines.