Online life for Children 6-12, unveiled by Amitabh Bachchan

The idea of an Online life for Children 6-12 year olds may look enticing. But there are reasons why Indian Parents must think twice!

Amitabh Bachchan may not have fully emerged out of the Maggie noodles issue; but he’s already gaga about another product. A product which is for 6-12 year old kids. Amitabh Bachchan is endorsing An online platform which is a virtual World created for Children 6-12 year olds. You can see it as Second Life, of kids.

According to the founder Monish Ghatalia, the virtual World for kids helps children take their first step onto the world of internet.

Launched in association with Amitabh, helps children take their first step onto the world of internet. The platform offers a wide range of interaction and engagement for children on the internet.

Amitabh Bachchan, who can endorse almost anything from Insurance to oil to Instant food, said this about the product,

“Just like we hold our child’s hand and teach them to walk, in a similar way, guiding them to take their first steps on the online world is immensely critical. is just one step in this direction which we can envision to be a community effort going forward,”

Although the company and its Brand ambassador are defining Worldoo as the concept of responsible internet, where avatars (an icon or figure representing a particular person in a computer game or a virtual World or Virtual Life ) are co-created on the basis of feedback from parents and educators around the country during the brand’s feedback campaign earlier this year; and blah blah, you as a parent must think twice before introducing your kid to this online life. There are some reasons.

First and foremost is the necessity. What is the necessity of introducing the kid to the virtual World, when much is being learned in the real life.

Second, for most parents, seeing their kid getting smart with various mobile screens is a proud feeling. But there’s a flip side to this as well. The shortening of attention span. That apart, the kid will lose his/her interest from other learning mediums — such as books.

Third, is the activity. Virtual Worlds such as Second Life or Worldoo, require an avatar to act daily. Or sometimes many times a day. Set aside kids, such constant checking is a major distraction for even adults.  This constant distraction for Kids means decrease in focus; and real physical activity, such as playing outdoor games.

Fourth, how can you be sure that only 6-12 year olds are online?

Hence, dear Indian parent, take into account all these factors before introducing your kid to Worldoo.