Only Honest Credible person in 125 Crore Country — Narendra Modi!

Ever Since AAP chose to step down from power in Delhi; the rivals are blaming it for shirking from responsibility. AAP leaders are harped with all sort of real and verbal indignities. The most popular among them is the one which blames AAP for damaging the Constitutional Institutions of the country. In short, AAP is often described as a party which has least regard for Constitution of India.

The most vocal critics of AAP in recent times is the BJP.

But are BJP’s actions, of late , in any way strengthening the Constitutional Bodies of India ?

Take for instance, the recent Varanasi incident.

The BJP sought permission to hold a public rally at the crowded Veeniya Bagh area, do a Ganga Arti , but the Returning Officer Pranjal Yadav , the District Magistrate of Varanasi, denied it citing security reasons. Later the Returning Officer gave permission for the Pooja and the Rally, but suggested an alternate spot to hold their public rally. The BJP did not accept the alternate spot.

The BJP took the matter to the public and escalating his attack on the EC, Narendra Modi yesterday questioned the Election Commission’s neutrality over denial of permission for a public meeting at a venue of his choice in Varanasi. He exhorted the people to come out to protest; quickly adding an appeal to party workers to maintain peace while protesting the move.

Seeking to strike an emotional chord, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate also offered “profound apologies” to river Ganga for not being able to perform ‘arti’. To make his statement pithy enough to melt even hardest of hearts, Modi Tweeted “My profound apologies to Ganga Maa for not being able to perform arti today. Wish these people know that a mother’s love is above politics,”.

All through yesterday, top BJP leaders (Arun Jaitley, Amit Shah, flown from across India) and BJP Karyakartas (Activists) staged a dharna outside BHU Gate. A simultaneous protest by BJP was held in front of the EC Office in Delhi.

How BJP is damaging Constitutional Institutions of India?

Here’s how,

If BJP manages to collect 1 Lakh people for its every rally; the District Magistrate has a real reason to fear any Law and order problem. Pick any of today’s Newspapers, and you will see a front page photo of of some saffron clad BJP karkarta holding a Trishul (in English means “Trident”. It goes well with Har Har Modi slogan). The trident or a Lathi can be a religious symbol or rural accessory, but can’t they be used to create problems?

Thus the District Magistrate has every reason, no matter how vested it may appear, to deny any such permission. The situation is not very much different from administration in Gujarat stopping Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia from Meeting Narendra Modi or from holding public rallies.

BJP’s Arun Jaitley’s statement that the DM of Varanasi is not an Impartial person, is sad as it unnecessarily ascribes caste to the DM’s Acts. Can anyone ask Jaitley — Why Pranjal Yadav is a partial man? Because he is a Yadav?

By calling a Distirct Magistrate a partial person, isn’t Arun Jaitley undermining the honesty and integrity of a Constitutionally appointed person. I’m not saying people don’t have vested interests. But people value professional honesty and integrity above vested interests. If that may not be the case, then the country can’t move even an inch.

A couple of days earlier, Narendra Modi questioned the integrity of Election Commission, by raising the issue of massive fraud in EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines). Since the day, Narendra Modi raised such apprehension, the social networks and News Channels are sharing and showing a news report, where in a Hyderabad man was arrested by the Government for tampering with an EVM. The man reportedly stole the EVM a couple of months ago and then tampered it. The man says he wanted to prove to the country that EVMs are programmable. This man is being made a Hero sort of.

This is another instance of unnecessarily tarnishing the EC. On what basis Narendra Modi is suspecting a massive fraud? If his reasoning is the tamper-ability of the EVM, then EVM is still foolproof machine, as the Hyderabad man also took days to re-programme it. An analogy here will help us to understand this situation better.

Research shows that any lock in this world can be broken within five minutes by an accomplished thief. But still whenever we leave our homes, we put a pad lock on the door. This lock is not for the Thief. As he’ll break it anyway. The lock is for non-theives. Who can be our family, friend, or even a stranger, who leaves the door step , the moment he/she sees the Pad lock. The Lock is for the people with honesty and integrity.

If Narendra Modi suspects the election officers and apparatus, for being hands in glove with the UPA government or the local state government; then we must ask ourselves a question– Is Narendra Modi the Only Honest , Credible person in 125 Crore Country ?

What about the Lakhs of School teachers, College teachers, Office Employees , police men… who take additional pain to get trained and fulfill their duty to help EC conduct a free and fair Elections? It is hard to believe that these ordinary people will assist anyone to re-programme an EVM or cast a fraud vote.

If BJP is sure of Narendra Modi wave, then it must not act like a hungry child, who can dance , clap or do anything for a toffee. And stop using every tactic in the bag to lure people to vote for it.

Actually Narendra Modi cleverly equating the “Low Politics” statement to “Him belonging to a Low Caste” can pay him in short run, but in long run people understand such tactics.