Osama Bin Laden’s Hawaiian Hats and Apad Dharma!

The meaning of Apad Dharma has changed Today. It’s all about momentary Survival.


According to some leaked Syndicated Reports, Osama Bin Laden used to wear a COWBOY HAT to avoid detection from US drones. No disrespect to anyone but people do take extreme measures to save oneself. After all Life may be a b****; but people do die for it.

In Hindu religious text, doing something to survive, was called “Apad Dharma” (The duty taken momentarily or temporarily to save oneself). One example of “Apad Dharma” was priests in Ancient India taking to Agriculture during difficult times. In ordinary circumstances, tilling the land was Adharma (not duty) for them. An example of Apad Dharma in recent times, is a seer wearing clothes of opposite gender.

With fast changing times, the concept of Apad Dharma doesn’t exist with respect to professions. Every profession is seen as a profession and there is nothing unworthy in taking any profession. Apad Dharma at present is visible only in ideological and survival ways. For instance, whether a person will wear the cap of some other ideology or religion or NOT? But even here, the Survival wins. After All, You need to survive to practice your ideology or dharma.

Quite fundamentalist Osama Bin Laden Hawaiian Hats (A province of USA) prove that when it comes to Life, donning the Hat of one’s enemy is not Adharma (Sin).

About quarter a century ago, freedom fighter and nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose, donned the attire of an Afghan.