Overweight toddler linked to Insufficient Breast feeding

Traditional wisdom in many cultures says that babies who are breast fed for at least one year or more; come up as healthy kids and adults. In some particular cultures, women are encouraged to breast fed as long as they can.

The reason can be the immunity, mother’s milk provides to a kid in long run. But, rather than giving any scientific reasons, which is quite obvious, the traditional wisdom, speaks of utmost is – “Kids who are NOT breast fed sufficiently, tend to grow into plump but hollow toddlers. In a way, the tradition associates sufficient breast feeding to robust but slim kids.

A recent US research has supported the traditional wisdom. According to the study, bottle-fed babies who are introduced to solid foods before the age of four months are six times more likely to be obese at the age of three than those who are weaned later. In short, if a baby is not breast fed at least for six months, then the mother might be risking the child’s health.

On contrary, the research found that the timing of solid food introduction made no difference to obesity levels in the case of breastfed babies.

To summarise, irrespective of when a child is introduced to solid foods, babies who are breast fed for less than six months; are more likely to be obese at the age of 3.

That said, recent studies have proved that breast feeding a baby is good for mother’s health too. Traditional wisdom always believed so.

So mothers! unless you have BIGGER compulsions and engagements, Give your baby and you a better health in long run.

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