A project cum petition of a student from a Junior High, USA is being praised. In his project cum petition, he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical "dihydrogen monoxide." In the project, the student listed plenty of reasons to encourage people demand a strict control or total [...]

Amidst reports about optimism in hiring in the April-June 2017 Quarter, some new data from AICTE presents a somewhat bleak picture. This means that every year 4,80,000 new engineers remain jobless. Actually, what AICTE is telling now is often said by Industry bodies such as AssoCham. But don't know from where tall claims of 2 [...]

The last of submitting IGNOU June 2017 TEE form is approaching (March 31, 2017). Some IGNOU learners have shared with us that they are experiencing difficulty in paying their Term End Examination Fee online at IGNOU website. If you're also experiencing similar difficulty, then instead of wasting your valuable time, you can pay your TEE [...]