Paperless Unreserved Tickets launched by India Railways

Paperless Unreserved TicketsIndian Railway launches mobile app for paperless unreserved tickets. The Pilot Project for paperless ticketing system in unreserved segment starts for 15 stations in the suburban section of Southern Railway.

The paperless unreserved tickets start for Egmore and Tambram suburban sections in Chennai under Southern Railway zone.

CRIS utsonmobile App for Paperless Unreserved Tickets

Developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) , the “utsonmobile” – the paperless unreserved ticketing feature in mobile application will eliminate the need for printing of unreserved tickets.

With time, Railways plan to extend the paperless Unreserved Tickets service in suburban section in all metros.

Compatibility of paperless Unreserved Tickets

The app, which is for both Android and Windows smartphones; and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Windows Store.

Will require internet on Mobile.

Payment for the ticket is done through the “railway wallet” feature in the App. The virtual ticket so generated can be shown right on the smartphone.

The passenger has to use the ticket within an hour of booking the ticket.

NOTE: In order to stop misuse, a new colour scheme will be adopted everyday. That apart, the paperless unreserved ticket cannot be forwarded to another mobile.