Paul Wall 100 pounds weight loss after weight loss surgery reveals something important

>Paul Wall, the famous rapper, Ha loat 100 pounds or 45 kilograms after a weight loss surgery. Becoming that much lighter now ; the Houston rapper wants to announce to the world that he’s now in control over his long-term battle with obesity. Prior to his surgery, the 6-ft tall rapper weighed in at 320lbs or 145 kilograms.

In an interview with Ozone Magazine, Wall admitted that an offer from ‘VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club’ triggered the decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery.

An observation: A couple of years ago, I watched a weight loss reality series on Discovery channel. The show had six or seven people who were much obese and were experiencing health problems because of their excess weight. In short they had every willingness to shed pounds and get back to a healthy and more rewarding lifestyle. But unlike, the weight Loss reality shows of present, the said series never elimited any participant during the entire series; and rather than keeping the participants in a gauraded campus; the series just gave the participants the dietician, doctor, fitness instructor. The participants had to visit experts at stipulated intervals and go back to their real homes, jobs or lives to implement the advice. In short, the series tried to mimic the struggles of an obese as far as possible.

The participants came from all sorts of professions and lifestyles: a media tycoon, a school teacher, a houswife, a Rock star, a fireman etc.

As all the participants were inrinsically motivated right from the beginning; all managed to shed pounds. But to a varying degree; that obviously reflected to what extent they managed to keep that motivation and more importantly the lifestyle change.

When all the participants reached the verdict day: The day when the winner was to be announced: they were asked to stand on the weighing machine one final time. Their weights noted and then each one asked appear personally before an interveiw panel constituting of experts.

The Verdict: The person who lost most weight, the Fire-fighter, was NOT the Winner.

Intead, the Rock Star with a weight loss that ranked third; was the unanimous choice for the crown.

Why judges/experts chose the Rockstar overlooking the Firefighter.

The experts found that among all the participants, it’s the Rockstar who is living in a most hostile environment w.r.t weight loss and healthy lifestyle. He has to face sleep deprivation because of contant travelling and late night and all night shows; he was a chain smoker and chain smoking was a norn in his band rather than exception; backstage has every reason to push him back to the unhealthy life-style. But he still managed to keep himself way from the vices and shed weight. In short, he should be rewarded for his LifeStyle change more than others.

Conclusion: Looking at the Paul Wall weight loss from usual celebrity weight loss or surgical weight loss perspective will not be good. The right way to looking at it: Is to see how much the rapper would have efforted in sheding those extra pounds. Though an uphill task for him, considering his profession, he managed to change his lifestyle to a healthy living.

Advice: Lifestyle change is the Key to Weight Loss.