Pay Attention! Else you will give up LPG subsidy by Mistake

Day before yesterday, the TV News Channels reported that the number of Indians who have given up their LPG subsidy has reached 23 Lakh.

Good, if they did it consciously. And not by mistake.

I’m saying this, as the IVRS gas booking menu of Indane is so confusing that I suspect many of the customers might have given up their LPG gas subsidy by mistake.

If you have recently booked (refilled) your Indane LPG cylinder through Indane’s IVRS menu, then you already know what I’m talking about.

The Automated message first exhorts the caller to give-up the LPG subsidy and then says press ‘0’ to Give up subsidy; and press ‘1’ to refill your gas cylinder. The two messages are so confusingly intermingled that if the consumer doesn’t pay attention, then he can give up LPG subsidy by mistake.

I don’t know why such tactics are being adopted. Logic says, the option to give-up LPG subsidy shouldn’t be there in the IVRS menu in the very first place. If anyone wants to give-up subsidy; then he/she can visit either the online website or his/her gas agency. After all it must be a well thought out decision.