Periodicity of Posts matters in Blogging

In the past two years, Google had made extensive changes to its search algorithms. Search algorithms are the mathematical formulas Google uses to rank search results for a particular search query. For instance if a searcher searches Best hotels in Delhi, the Google search returns thousands of results. These results come from thousands of websites and blogs. How Google ranks these results is decided by these algorithms.

periodicity of postsEarlier, factors like meta keywords, html tags (H1, H2, H3… H6), backlinks etc. were considered to rank in Google search result the content from a particular blog or website. Now it appears, periodicity of posts (freshness of posts or articles) is also being accorded more weightage by Google.

Hence, if you’re clueless on what to do to get Google love; then do one thing from right onwards. Post or publish your articles periodically. If you are posting 2 or 3 articles everyday, then stick to that plan. If you’re busy and only manage one post in three days, then stick to that plan. Based on your time, choose a periodic schedule for your posts. If you’re creating quality content, then periodicity of Once a week or once a fortnight, can even do the trick for you. To help Google not to miss crawling your blog whenever you new article arrives, you can even tell Google Crawler to do so. Here you set the periodicity of Google crawler (the time period after which Google crawls your blog for new content) to your schedule Daily, Weekly etc.

But note that the farther you post, the more marketing avenues you will have to use to market your articles.  Hence the basic wisdom of blogging says that One should blog more often and make search engines Happy.

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