PhDs, BTechs applying for Peon Jobs is a Matter of Concern

All through yesterday, one particular news kept buzzing in our drawing rooms and our minds. The news that PhD, MSc, BSc, BTech degree holders are among the 23 lakh applicants for peon jobs in UP Secretariat. What makes the news deeply rattling is the Education and other eligibility for the peon post in Uttar Pradesh government secretariat is : Must have passed class 5 and must know how to ride a Bicycle.

Is this a matter of concern for our society and country? Yes it is.

PhDs, BTechs applying for Peon JobsA matter of grave concern. Not because any job or work is menial (small). Not because 23 Lakh applied for 350 odd vacancies. But simply because the incident shows how rudderless (without having any sense of direction) our youth has become.

Unfortunately over the years a big section of Youth in India has adopted wrong role models.

For instance, when a news reporter asked a BTech degree holder applicant about why he applied for the job; the young man said, what’s wrong in applying for a Peon job, when even our Prime Minister used to run a Tea Stall.

The question is not about what someone else did, before reaching to the top.

The question is: Why the young man is making an artificial scarcity; a scarcity where one has to take a job below his/her level of education?

Why the young man is making an artificial scarcity of role models? A Prime Minister is Politician, does the young man want to become a politician and become a PM one day? If yes, then one doesn’t even need education to become a PM of India.

In any society, you will find people of every education level reaching to the top. But that doesn’t mean it is a norm(Rule). Such people are exceptions. Everything, right from individual enterprise, individual effort, timely help and push are required to become such exceptions.

When a PhD or an MSc or an MA says that he is taking the job simply because education is not the litmus test for success in Life; then he turns his entire belief system upside down. If education is not necessary for growing up in life, then why did he kept increasing his education?

We often hear people saying “One Should Think Big”.  The Wisdom actually means “Having an ambition based on right assessment of oneself”.

Remember, it’s not the scarcity of jobs, which makes a person having higher education apply for a job requiring lesser education. The reason is — Not having an ambition based on the right assessment of oneself. A person who assesses oneself well; usually takes job based on his ability. An excellent example of which is a construction labour. He knows quite well, what job he’s capable of.

If even after doing BTech, a person can’t visualize himself becoming an Engineer; then he shouldn’t have done Engineering in the first place.

If a person has to roll back to class 5 to get a job; then he shouldn’t have wasted both time and money to gain further education. As one can always find even “an illiterate man becoming a stellar success in life”. 

Gone are the days when educated people were hard to find. Today there’s no scarcity of education in the country. That’s why it’s important to have the right role models in life as well. A right role model is like a star — a star like who you want to become one day. Thus strictly limiting oneself to education. If you’re a PhD, why not make a successful person pursing research in the same field as your role model. The same applies to post graduates, graduates etc.

Among the 23 Lakh Applicants for the Peon Jobs :

255 are PhDs
24,969 are post graduates
1.5 lakh are graduates
7.5 lakh are 12th pass
11.21 lakh are High school or equivalent
53,426 are class five pass outs