Photo Collection of Women’s Vs, Bs, Posteriors | Book

In a movie, starring Late Brittany Murphy, her gynae peeks into her V and declares to her delight that she has one of the most beautiful Vs she has ever seen. Two Books, which are a photo collection of 199 Vs and a photo collection of 399 Bs, are a graphic guide to the types of human Vs and Bs gracing the planet. The photographs are part of some aesthetic photography effort.

Apart from Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra, there’s another book from medieval India named the Ratirahasya, which had been translated in English as Secrets of Love, also known as the Koka Shastra. The book is a sex manual written by Kokkoka, a poet, who is variously described as Koka or Koka Pundit. The book differentiates women on the basis of the natural smell a woman’s body emanates and the degree of carnality she has. It also classifies women on the basis of the shape of their Vs. The woman with a Lotus shaped V is declared as the one at the top of the hierarchy. The book is revolutionary sort of, as it puts to forefront a woman’s right to be satisfied. That’s why the book also tells the parts that must be aroused for a satisfying sex. Talking of body woman’s body parts, it’s like an artist’s canvas. And every part can be worked on. That’s why, here’s a photo collection of posteriors.