Photo Tag Marketing on Facebook: A Word of Caution!

Photo Tag Marketing on Facebook: Your Actions must Tell, You’re Not a Novice Marketer.

About two years ago, Facebook launched Photo Tags for Facebook Users. The Photo Tags were introduced to give Facebook users an option to tag “People They Know” in photos shared on their Time Line. The idea was to make Facebook more social. You see a photo on your Facebook timeline,  having someone you know. You put a name tag for that person; so that anyone else who sees the photo instantly gets to know who that person is (Wen you hover your mouse cursor over the face on the photo, the name of the person is shown).

Within a few days of the feature launch, marketers, both expert and novices, started using the feature. But instead of tagging people, they started tagging the photo with the names of the Facebook users, they wanted to share the people with. Now, while the savvy marketers did this responsibly; the novices started putting hundreds of “Facebook User Name” tags to their photos. As a consequence, you and I start receiving a Monkey’s photo, with the message  — “X has shared a Photo of You”.

Facebook Photo tags are a good marketing tool. But mindless tagging will not serve the purpose. Over time, people will start ignoring photos shared by such a user.