Photoshopped image disrespects Indian Flag | Fact Check

Two Photoshopped versions (edited or changed) of a seemingly same image are being circulated on Facebook. The images have the same background. In one image, two boys are seen holding Pakistan’s National flag disrespecting an Indian National Flag having an image of Indian PM Modi superimposed on it. In second version of the image, a third boy is seen sitting on Indian National Flag.

indian flag disrespect, photoshopped, pratapgarh, rampur, modi

The images are distasteful. They are clearly edited, and also reported as one.

So they are FAKE.

But it is still uncertain where they were edited.

The presence of these photographs were first seen to be reported in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh and then in Rampur. What was even more surprising is that the police managed to find within hours the boys seen in the picture in some village in district Rampur of Uttar Pradesh (Only silly will create such an image with their own faces!). Notably, the two districts are 500 kilometers or at least 8 hours apart.

Overall, it is beyond doubt that the images are FAKE. So what is the best way to know who created them? … The solution is simple. Whenever you see any such image, use your primitive mind (in Hindi “Saral Buddhi”) and ask: Who will benefit politically from such an image?

Another way is to ask yourself: What is the political ideology of the person who has shared this Fake photo?

It is seen that fake photos are often created and circulated by those having the same political ideology.

By applying the above two, you will instantly get some idea of the source. And whenever you have such an inkling, don’t share such an image or article.

If you are a young man or a woman, then educate elders and innocents in your family about such fake images.