Plan to Kill Hindus and Twisting the Truth | Udhampur Terrorist Nab

In NDTV Yesterday, Sushant Sarin, a Defense Expert and currently a fellow at Vivekananda International Foundation, a Strategic Think Tank of BJP; said,

“…the terrorist caught today in Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir, confessed in front of the Media that he had come to India to kill Hindus.”

Interestingly, in the TV News channels, which ran the story all day long, he was not heard saying that. Instead he had been heard saying that he loves killing people.

Good to see that the NDTV anchor was quick to point out to Sarin’s attempt to twist the truth.

After all, anyone who becomes a terrorist will want to kill people, and will surely have some psycho tendencies. Other-wise, why will someone want to kill people, who he/she doesn’t have any personal grudge against.

But, using the word ‘Hindus’ gives the confession an altogether different dimension. As, if words are interchanged that easily, then one can easily infer that those who orchestrated bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid, had a plan to kill ‘Muslims’. When the fact of the matter is, wherever such attacks take place, they kill everyone, irrespective of their faith.

Can one request, TV News Channel debates to follow the right disclosure policy. For instance, instead of introducing someone simply as a Defense Expert, the channel must also mention addition details. So that the viewer is also informed about the political leanings.