Playing Action Video Games makes Your kid Sharp | Study

A New Scientific Study shows that Playing Action Video Games improves cognitive functions, motor control and overall perception. Will You stop Your Kid now?

In a recent scientific study it was shown that action video game players, who have attained expertise in playing these games, had a marked improvement in their cognitive functions, motor control and overall perception. In short, they have become sharper.

Sharper in a sense that their overall mental ability increases. This also means increase in Gray Matter on the brain.

Study corroborates the ongoing body of evidence

Being good at video games plays an important part in our cognitive development and improves our ability to learn new things corroborates the ongoing body of evidence. hat apart, the general perception is also similar.

Individuals who play action video games with skill are often sharp in mental and motor skills. After all these games require high levels of focus, agility, awareness and reflexes.

The study found that expert action video game players can learn new things easily.

Does that mean, parents should encourage kids to play action video games?

I think, the answer lies in the fact that being sharp is not the only aspiration in Life.

To have a meaningful life, a child needs a balanced development.

Does playing action video games make a child aloof, anti-social? is the question that must be answered first.

What if the kid doesn’t have the wish to learn new things? In that case, it will be difficult giving direction to life as well.

That apart, there are values taught by video games as well.

Parents need to see video games from all these perspectives. After all, only sharpness doesn’t guarantee a fulfilling Life.

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