Please don’t follow Lily Allen’s advice to lose weight by vomiting

An objectionable tweet by one Twitter user made Lily Allen infuriated and advice the tweeter to lose weight by vomiting. Although, Lily had reasons to be infuriated by the tweeter’s behavior, her own tweet started a line of emails to her inbox, criticizing her for the ‘sick’ comments.

This is what happened:

One, Of Lily Allen’s young fans Olivia Davis, from Shrewsbury, made an obnoxious comment about Allen on Twitter saying: “Your face makes me sick, you disgusting b****”.

Infuriated by the detestable comment, Allen replied:

“Then you should look at pictures of me all day, cause you look like you could lose a few.”

[The tweet meant that the fan is overweight and needs to lose a few pounds. And if Allen’s makes her vomit, then she should see her face all day and vomit; that way she will lose those pounds]

The supposed fan immediately apologized saying it was a friend’s doing and that she had ‘previously’ been Lily’s fan.

Later on, clarifying on her behavior and sending a stern message to her fans, Lily told the Mirror:

“She was rude, and anyone who can’t see that I was joking, well that’s their problem. I also have a right to respond to insults. Get off your high horse. I’ve never claimed to be a role model for anyone. I’ll do and say what I want,”


Although, in this particular case, Lily’s behavior can be excused as the fan had instigated her; no one should take “vomiting to lose weight” as a method to lose weight. Even if many youngsters are trying ‘vomiting to lose weight’; the method is very harmful to health. The right way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise; and not vomiting.