No One told PM “Begging is Better than running a roadside Kiosk”!

In an effort to portray PM Modi’s Pakoda seller remark in a positive light, some media outlets are busy running stories about BTech and MBA degree holder beggars of Vrindavan. According to these stories, the degree holders are willingly and happily doing so as begging is profitable and requires no effort. Such stories are actively being circulated on WhatsApp.

If the aim of such stories is to make a satirical comment (a comment to show foolishness or vice in humans, organizations, leaders or even governments) then no one must have problems with it. Careless and cold statements made by leaders are often satirized.

But if these stories want to portray a picture which proves that selling pakodas is always better than begging, then they are certainly in bad taste. Simply because people already knew that and they never compared the two.

People know that: Irrespective of how profitable begging proves out to be, majority of people will NOT choose begging as a profession. More so if the person has even slightest level of institutional learning. So if it not satire, then such stories are FAKE. No self-respecting person in the World will choose begging irrespective of how profitable and easy money it offers.

The best way to discourage such stories is not to share them. It will be even better if we choose to delete them the moment we see them as unnecessary.

To conclude, at no point of time people saw a tea seller, or a kiosk runner (in Hindi Thela lagane wala) or a rickshaw puller as someone lower than a beggar. In fact, people in any society always appreciate hard working individuals. In fact, political history shows that Indians have always showed faith in people irrespective of their profession. So there is no use creating a narrative that a kiosk runner is always superior than a beggar. People already know that.

Although no one compared Indian PM’s pakoda seller statement to begging, still if some of us did then it was in a non-literal sense (meaning that something is similar to). The statement was called careless and emotionless because you can’t expect a College degree holder to run a kiosk (Thela or stall chalana).