PM must not make everything into ‘He vs Me’ debate | Karnataka

Are we witnessing “Truth or Dare” game between Rahul Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi in Karnataka?… If we are, then it is sad. It is sad because the way our PM is speaking in Karnataka is sad; and no Prime Minister must speak like that.

orator PM, batuni pm, pm modi speech, karnataka electionsPolitical rivals are asking questions to the PM, and not to Mr. Narendra Modi. If Mr. Narendra Modi hadn’t been the PM, no one would have asked him any questions. In fact, when he will not remain a PM, no one will ask him any questions. Forget questions, no one will even ask his opinions on important issues. It is a fact. India has seen more than a dozen PMs up till now, how many times they are required to answer to the public? The answer is: very rarely. The same will apply to Mr. Narendra Modi.

So why make everything into a ‘He vs Me’ debate. Ideally, PM must now stop campaigning as a party worker. It is too much of ‘He vs Me’ or ‘She vs Me’ argument for public. The Prime Minister can’t still call himself a commoner (or a “nobody”), when he has been a Prime Minister for more than four years now. A Prime Minister of India is not an ordinary position. So anyone who holds it must act and work like one.