PM Modi again restricts his Govt’s priority to “Triple Talaq”

What is unusual about his appeal to the Opposition is the Bill for which he is demanding the support. It is again about Triple Talaq. A Bill which seemed addressing… Nothing!

Every well-intentioned Prime Minister in India makes an appeal to the Opposition before every Parliamentary session to support the Government on key issues. So Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to the Opposition yesterday is not that unusual. What is unusual is the Bill for which he is demanding the support. The Bill which he wants to get passed is the one about Triple Talaq.

modi priority triple talaq, modi instant triple talaq, incomplete triple talaq bill,What makes the choice of Bill unusual is the very construction and extent of it. To keep things simple, then it seems cleverly half-baked. In its present form, the bill neither solves the maintenance issue of a deserted Muslim woman nor does it make triple Talaq illegal. It only speaks something (which is not actionable) about multiple Talaq words pronounced in one go.

So, in its present form, the Bill neither improves the plight of Muslim women in marriage nor does it discourage a Muslim man from marrying again.

The blame for the stall up (or stopping) of the Bill cannot be put on the opposition as the Bill is not very well formed. If the Government really wants the bill to be passed then it must make a well-meaning bill. No opposition in India can stall up a bill which is for the benefit of people.

The PM must have made an appeal for support for real issues. A PM’s appeal signifies and means a lot … you see.