PM Modi! … Basic Duty of a PM is to give Answers, explain Govt. Actions!

It’s not a pleasant sight to see a Prime Minister struggle.

Struggle to that extent that he/she starts making Raincoat like” comments for a former PM.

That too when the former PM is no other than renowned economist Dr. Manmohan Singh of decent and mild manners. A man of few words, but of a very strong dedication to his work. In short, he speaks only when he knows what he’s talking about. You may disagree with me, but speaking less and of value has always been a virtue.

Although PM Modi’s remarks about rivals do make some sense in political rallies, but they don’t look good in a Parliament.

There’re two reasons for that: One, the Political rallies of any party are vote gathering instruments and two; any sitting PM is targeted by the opposition merely because he/she is the Prime Minister of the country.

PM Modi’s remarks about political rivals in the Parliament don’t make much sense. As instead of making such remarks and waiting for his party men to applaud, the PM must be answering the questions put to him in a serious manner. Unfortunately, all one hears in the PM’s replies to Parliament are some vitriolic remarks made at political rivals, 70 years of mis-governance, and very vague tall claims and assurances. No mention of Data and reasoning behind the actions the Government has taken.

This’s simply a waste of time, as most news channels, never telecast what the other esteemed members of the Parliament have said in a debate. After each debate in Parliament, all voters can hear is: What a fitting reply PM Modi gave to opposition, directly of indirectly (through jokes, remarks).

Again we can disagree, but the young man or woman wants clear, data backed answers from the PM. Such a voter not only wants to know the rationale behind the actions taken by the Government, but also wants to know what past promises have been fulfilled till now. In simple, you cannot sweep way everything inside the Carpet, by giving a shining India promise of 2035. A Prime Minister is no exception to this rule.

Now lets come to the second reason. The PM is targeted in the Parliament not because he’s Mr. so and so. But because the Parliamentarians want to get real answers from him. They want answers from the PM so that the Nation gets the answers. The parliamentarians are the representatives of the people. If PM doesn’t answer their questions, then who else will?

The action of demonitization, going cashless, banks’ decision to charge higher transaction fees for their services and ATMs (read today’s newspapers), RBI changing rules not less than three dozen of times, RBI not speaking a word during demonetization were not small decisions. Going by the present PM and FM’s account, they are landmark decisions. But the irony is, no useful debate took place in the Parliament. Forget the opposition, if the PM and his Ministers would have answered peoples’ questions in an empty house, in a live telecast, some of the important questions could had been answered. But all one hears from the Government is “Trust the Government!” or “Trust Me”.

To conclude, it’s not a pleasant sight to see a Prime Minister struggle. The Nation doesn’t want feature Film length speeches on the floor of the house. The Nation wants to the point Answers to important questions. If there’re some drawbacks of some action, let the Nation know it. Last but not the least, it’s not that bad to say “I’m not an expert here”, if you’re not. That way valuable time will be saved.