PM Modi congratulates neighbour’s Daughter-in-law

Without wasting any time on the proper way to address her, Indian PM Narendra Modi congratulated her by her maiden name. No “Beti” , No “Bahu” is used in the congratulatory tweet.

The tweet from @narendramodi twitter account read,

Congratulations to Sania Mirza for the victory in the US Open Mixed Doubles Finals. We are very proud of the achievement. @MirzaSania

Many in his party are still confused on what to call her : “Beti” or “Bahu”. And rightly so. As a neighbour’s daughter-in-law is your daughter-in-law too.

But, one confusion still persists — In what capacity Mr. Modi is proud of her achievement? Means, as father or as father-in-law ?  …

Or as a fellow citizen? … But some in his party recently said, she is the daughter-in-law of Pakistan!?