PM Modi’s Offer to help PoK , Unnecessary !

Sometimes as a citizen I wonder who is advising PM Modi. Or if he’s acting on his own, then some desire to portray himself as a Statesman is making him speak more than required.

After undertaking a visit to flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir for a first-hand assessment of the situation, Modi expressed anguish at the loss caused in PoK. Addressing the media, he made an outright offer to pakistan Government , offering all possible assistance for carrying out relief operations in flood-ravaged Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). The PM sees the offer as a big hearted gesture for a neighbour in distress.

Listen to what the PM said,

“While reviewing the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, I was informed that the damage to life and property is equally, if not more, severe in areas across the Line of Control as well. My heart goes out to the affected citizens in Pak Occupied Kashmir and my deepest sympathies are with them and their families. In this hour of need, I offer any assistance that you may need in the relief efforts that will be undertaken by the Government of Pakistan in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Our resources are at your disposal wherever you need them,”

If you understand, the political map published by India depicting India’s international boundaries is different from what USA, China and others see India as. What India sees as its integral part is different from what these countries see. When Doordarshan gives Weather Report at the end of its daily news bulletins, it mentions the names of Chitral , Gilgit for the same reason. PM Modi’s humanitarian gesture may be great, but if you look at the statement closely, then it unnessarily brings Pakistan Government and PoK in the picture.

Ideally, as whole of Kashmir is India’s integral part, hence the PM shouldn’t have brought PoK in the picture. If something has to done in that part of Kashmir (relief work), then it will be done by Indian Government. What Pakistan Government has to do with it ?

The very line : “This is humanitarian work and India will never be behind in doing such work,” , looks odd; as why will India call the relief efforts as a humanitarian work, when the people at distress are its own citizens?

Responding to Modi’s statement, Pakistan government sources at Islamabad , said this,

“Our PM Nawaz Sharif had aerial survey of Azad Kashmir and other flood hit areas today. Our rescue and relief operations are proceeding effectively. The people of Pakistan are also feeling pain and are saddened over the loss of lives and properties of the people in IoK and are with them and ready to help in whatever way possible to mitigate their sufferings caused by the heavy floods,”

Hope you understood the point that I made in this write-up. A simple situation turned into a contest of one-upmanship ( Pakistan used India occupied Kashmir ).