Poet Bob MacKenzie delves into uncomfortable questions in New Book "On Edge"

In his latest collection of poetry, On Edge, currently available through Dark Matter Press, Kingston, Ontario Canada poet Bob MacKenzie, shows his mastery of both form and content with a series of thought-provoking and soul-stirring poems.

There are 16 poems in 33 pages.

The poems delve into territory that not only isn’t often the subject of poetry but which most people don’t even like to acknowledge as a fact of life in our society. For instance, Abuse, specifically the abuse children suffer at the hands of the adults supposedly responsible for protecting them from the cares of the world.

NOTE: On Edge would be both uniformly dark and depressing to read, as it takes topics which normally people don’t like to contemplate; or have learned how to avoid. But there is a ray of optimism, hope, in every poem.

On Edge

Book Description:

Canadian poet Bob MacKenzie lives in a world of sharp contrasts mediated by shades of grey. In this world, there exists a fault line between the everyday in which most of us live and the fantastic, a dark place of dream, vision, and possibility where there’s danger around every corner. Here exists that dark hole into which some of us sometimes falls, that place from which we fear we may never exist. Here is that place where those who feel unsafe and unprotected: the abused, the battered, the unwanted and used. in our world must finally go to hide. Not everyone who reaches this point can see the light that will guide him or her out again to safety. MacKenzie straddles the schism with one foot on each side, hanging on to the light and warily anticipating the encroaching dark. His poetry speaks of the darkness beyond and its dangers. His poetry speaks of those who escape to the dark for safety but fall in and become lost. But there is optimism in his poetry, which always speaks of the light, a light that is always present and can be found by one who doesn’t give up hope and can be used to show the way home. In the very darkness of Bob Mackenzie’s poetry, there is always hope.

NOTE: The Book has received Good reviews.