Politics alone can’t Elevate Sanskrit Language!

Finally all the politics around Sanskrit language seems to have subsided. The HRD Ministry led by Smriti Irani, who also happens to be the Chairperson of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, has let go her and her Government’s adamance to replace in KVs, German with Sanskrit as the Third Language. The pressure from the parents has done the magic this time.

Actually, Politics alone can’t Elevate Sanskrit Language. Nor can all the air filled talk of Sanskrit being the language of the religion,  ancient history or nationalism. As far as the antiquity of the languages goes, then Tamil is the most ancient language of India.  That apart, at no point of time, no more than a handful of people spoke Sanskrit in India. In recent millenium. Persian was the language of the elite. That’s why politics alone can’t elevate Sanskrit to a place where it never existed.

For a language to Survive, it must have certain virtues:

1) It must have job prospects.

2) It must be easier to write (now a days, easy to Type).

3) It must be Universal.

4) The language must have audience.

5) And most importantly, abundant High quality literature must have been created using it. And the process should be continuous. An excellent example is English, where every day a couple of dozen new books hit the book shelves.

Unfortunately Sanskrit doesn’t have even one of the above virtues. For long, a section of elite, was reluctant to Universalize the language. We have reached a point, where even if Sanskrit has truckloads of benefits, it has become a case of — Too Little, Too Late. In a dearth of good literature to appetite one’s subtle senses, any language can die. Sanskrit is no exception.

All the talk of Sanskrit being most scientific language is sham, as even the proponents of it either have not tested it on that benchmark, or don’t have a clear plan to use that to elevate Sanskrit.

If the Government is really interested in strengthening Sanskrit, then it should encourage Rich people to learn Sanskrit, create some literature in it and then bring it to the book shops, at their own risk. It’s much better way, than expecting every one to strengthen Sanskrit. Across culture, only those people who are above the struggle of bread and butter create good literature. Expecting a middle class father’s son, read Sanskrit and strengthen it, is expecting too much.

One more suggestion, the Government must order its Tech Geniuses to create a Keyboard which makes Typing Hindi, as easy as typing English. Followed by a similar Keyboard for Sanskrit. A fool-proof Voice Recognition dictation application for Sanskrit and Hindi will also do.

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