Portable USB Charger – Powercom Powerbank launched

Portable USB Charger -Powerbank for mobiles, smartphones, tablets, MP3/MP4, PSPs on the Go. Lithium rechargeable Portable USB Charger for +500 recharges.

Asia Powercom today launched AsiaPower Powerbank, a Portable USB Charger for smartphones, tablets, mobiles, MP3/MP4, GPS & PSP games. Powerbank has a high capacity lithium rechargeable battery to re-charge the digital devices for over 500 times anytime and anywhere. Thus powerbank is a Charger on the Go.

This is what Tejas Sheth, Country Manager at Asia Powercom, said on the eve of Powerbank, Portable USB Charger launch,

“with the launch of AsiaPower Powerbank, we are adding new categories to our existing product line. AsiaPower Powerbank is innovative and unique in its features. Powerbank Portable USB Charger comes in two sizes, pocket and compact to power up the gadgets and music players for over 500 times to provide uninterrupted connectivity and entertainment anytime and anywhere.”

PowerBank Models & Specs:

PowerBank Portable USB Charger Models & Specs

PowerBank Portable USB Charger Models & Specs

Portable USB charger is a good option for those who have to tour continuously for a week or so. The portable charger is also a good option for bikers, campers, trekkers who go to places where there are no charging facilities. Having USB charging option, both micro and normal USB, gives the traveler the ability to recharge their important mobile devices. The good thing is the charger can easily fit into trouser pocket. Thus it can be carried like a USB drive.

Compact Powerbank charger models can be carried in a backpack.

One of the areas where most of portable mobile chargers fail, is the charging ports for different devices. The Powerbank portable charger offers three options here. You can use the Powerbank charger for USB, micro USB and Nokia Pin devices. To fully recharge the Powerbank chargers it takes 3-4 to 7- hours. The time depends on the battery capacity of the charger.

Price PowerBank Portable USB Charger:

AP2200A – Rs. 999 (Pic Below)

Portable USB Charger

Portable USB Charger Powerbank AP-2200A


AP 2200B – Rs.1099


AP 2600A – Rs.1499 (pic below)

Portable USB Charger

Portable USB Charger Powerbank AP-2600A


AP 5200A – Rs. 2299 (Pic Below)

Portable USB Charger

Portable USB Charger Powerbank AP-5200A


AP 5200B – Rs. 2499 (Pic below)

Portable USB Charger

Portable USB Charger Powerbank AP 5200B


All the above models of AsiaPower Powerbank Portable USB Charger come with 1 year warranty.

Smartphones, tablets are great devices for content consumption. But with improved graphics, more illuminated area and faster processing they are ower guzzlers. You always need to recharge your smartphone or tablet after a couple if hours of active use. This means you always need charging solution near you. Portable USB charger gives you freedom to keep recharging your gadget on a business trip, trek camp, in train or flights, or in a jungle.