Power Bank with SOS Signal, Torch | AXL XPB051 Portable Charger

AXL XPB051 Portable Charger : Power Bank with SOS Signal, LED Torch, Dust Proof and 5100mAh Battery.

Lats month, AXL launched its another power bank — the XPB051 Portable power bank. This power bank offers a ruggedized body. It is built to be water proof (IP67), shock resistant and also dust proof making it a traveler’s wonder. Even though most of the extreme hikers seldom have network reception on isolated terrains, but this portable power house comes in handy Power Bank with SOS Signaleven in such conditions due to its amazing in-built features like the SOS beacon. The device has two buttons on its face; long-press the right button to activate the SOS signal that can also be used simultaneously as an LED torch. Another feature that makes it travel worthy is the laser pointer on the top of the device that can be effective in pin-pointing a rescue ground and is also a handy presentation tool. Let’s face it; you have to be back to work!

The 5100mAh battery appears quite adequate to charge your expensive phones and tablets. That apart this Power bank with SOS Signal can prove to be of real help, if someone needs it.



Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Capacity 5100mAh
Input DC 5V-1A
Output 1 DC 5V-1A
Size 102*56*28mm
Weight 140g
Special Features Water Proof (IP67)
Shock Resistant
Dust Proof
SOS Signal Button
LED Torch
Infrared Laser Pointer Light (Red Laser Light)



AXL XPB051 power bank has an MRP of Rs. 2,799/-