Power transfer in Samajwadi Party, and Crowd Gathering!

Sometimes in Politics, days count as months. This has exactly happened to Samajwadi Party yesterday. The Samajwadi party leadership full transition has taken place, and the baton has been successfully passed from father Mulayam Singh Yadav to son Akhilesh Yadav. The January 5 executive body meet called on by Mulayam Singh Yadav against this dramatic transfer of power, will not make much sense & impact now because with Assembly Elections down the corner every day would count as a month.

Was this transfer of power a staged drama done at the behest of Senior Mulayam?

This question becomes unnecessary now, as power transfers especially in parties with emerging or existing multiple power centers do take place with some drama. This is usually the case in every political party. There are no exceptions here.

The question of who staged it becomes unnecessary for one more reason.

Do you remember the time when AAP came to power the first time? If not then it will be useful to recall the incidents which took place much before AAP started its Delhi Assembly Polls campaign. During this period, every protest or rally which AAP staged saw crowds of people supporting it. People of all ideologies were seen in these rallies, protests etc. For instance, Kiran Bedi was a regular along side Arvind Kejriwal on all such event. Later she joined a rival political party. She’s now the Lt. Governor of Puducherry (or Pondicherry). During the second fight for power in Delhi, the crowds in AAP’s rallies dwindled significantly. Although AAP won the second battle with flying colors. The point is simple, who forms the crowd in such political rallies, or political dramas is a big mystery to solve. Solving this mystery is not easy. That’s why honoring AAP as the flag bearer of Transparency in Political funding could be premature. As even AAP’s expenditures en route to elections and election management far surpass what it officially discloses. The better standard here would be to see how much a political party spends in marketing itself or in its election campaigns. The biggest spenders among political parties are the ones who need to be transparent first. Lavish rallies, premium hoardings, flags and posters, massive stages and multiple helicopter rides don’t come for free.

Thus all what matters now in the Samajwadi party power transfer drama is the transfer itself. The transfer has seems to have taken place.