PPRC non-Government Think Tank ties up with BSF, for Research !?

A news report left me scratching my head.

Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC), a BJP Party and RSS supported think-tank—headed by BJP vice president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe—has tied up with the BSF, to study the socio-economic changes along the border with Paksitan.

The initiative is said to be aimed at making policies or making policy changes with respect to India’s border districts, which BJP thinks are often most backward—and the think tank believes are more prone to sociological changes than development.

Now what is unusual about the tie-up? After all the entire purpose appears to be that of research… and development.

It’s the PPRC. The name Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) may look like a Government Centre for public policy research.

No, it’s not. It has nothing to do with the Government.

Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) is a research organization established under the Bharatiya Lok Kalyan Nyas, a public charitable trust, in 2011.

Why BSF itself is not doing the said research? As according to the BSF  they do not have a research wing.

And hence, the Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) entered into an arrangement with them.

What is objectionable in this arrangement?

The objection is : Are the BJP-RSS combine equivalent to the Government of India?

It’s one thing for PPRC to conduct their own research and submit the findings to the Government. It’s altogether another for PPRC using BSF to conduct the study on socio-economic situation in the said districts.

In simple, even if PPRC is too much concerned about the low development, rampant drug smuggling, rampant sociological changes in the region; it can’t act as the sole researcher.

Ideally, an all party committee should be made under the Government of India, and that empowered committee should look into the matter by inviting research done by various researchers into the matter. The idea must be to get all viewpoints.

To conclude, it’s not enough to say that since … PPRC aims at constructively impacting policy formulation process with an emphasis on good governance practices, efficient implementation mechanisms and evidence-based policy making including policy-audit and evaluation in the larger interest of the nation; … it can be given government apparatus to help BJP-led NDA government make policies.

With PPRC at helm, this doesn’t seem to be happening, as the PPRC seems to be given the sole mandate to study the social-political changes in the region and recommend policy changes in terms of infrastructure and schemes which then would be sent to the state and central government.