Praise India for what it gained in Last 60 Years | HNY 2015

Senior Pakistani Journalist Irfan Hussain wrote an interesting piece in Dawn last Sunday. Prodding over the present condition of Pakistan, where fundamentalists and Army dictate the affairs, Irfan Hussain looked at the years immediately after Pakistan’s independence. To summarise, he opined that the timidity of the then Government resulted in the dismal condition of Pakistan of Today. What timidity? The timidity to implement crucial reforms in 1950s, such as the one abolishing Feudalism or Zamindari in Pakistan. He noted that, India who got independence at the same time had the courage to abolish Zamindari. Something which resulted in a more equal India. I want to add some more lines to his estimation. The courageous people centric decisions of the then Indian Government, and subsequent ones, resulted in the success of the democracy, where even the deprived reached the legislatures (Indian parliament and legislatures in the States), Literacy increased and India became the second largest food producer in the World.

Going further, it was the policies of the last six decades which helped India grow. Take for instance, India’s decision to establish its own industry in the form of Public Sector and Small scale industries, resulted in an India of 2014. An India which is aspiring to be a World Superpower. Logical individuals can understand this, as no where in the World, a Nation was built by the Private Sector. It’s always the Nation which has to take the first big investments in Nation Building. Pakistan in contrast tried to depend on Superpowers to build itself; and that failed everything. India’s decision to remain non-aligned may be criticised today, but not following any super power has actually helped India create itself. Ask yourself, why will a Super power help another country grow, without any vested interests?

Whether one pinches one’s ear directly, or by taking a longer route from the back of the head; we will see monumental gains in India in the field of education, healthcare, food security and employment. And that happened only because, in the past our Governments focussed on people welfare. And not profits.