Preaching Moditva , Hiding Hindutva!

BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh launched ‘Moditva – the Idea behind the Man’ in Delhi, on 25th February. In short the the new nomenclature, Moditva, is the compilations which made Narendra Modi who he’s today. A great exercise by Modi’s marketing team, as many in India will be interested in knowing more about Modi. This Moditva will also offer an opportunity to those who want to study this Moditva compilation, in whatever partial way it’s present to the followers, to understand why Modi makes indirect references to opponents, boasts about his 56 inches Chest and indirectly intimidates the minorities, and non-able castes.

The Moditva will also shift the focus of those middle class voters; who have started seeing Modi as the mouthpiece of RSS and Hindutva.

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