Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Movie Review | Could be Made Better!

I watched Prem Ratan Dhan Payo yesterday. Here’s a quick opinion.

The movie seemed a bit long (about 3 hours). Since it’s a Sooraj Barjatya film, hence it has generous doses of Indian family values and; the essence of affection & care among siblings. At many points, the display of generosity and traditions, becomes unreal. But since the movie’s basic plot is about Indian Royalty; hence the lavish display of Wealth; and veiled display of love among the King (Salman Khan) and his fiancée (Sonam Kapoor), doesn’t look odd. On the contrary, it gels well with the story line.

That said, there are certain bits and parts in the movie which don’t look real.

One, are the computer generated special effects. They look a bit artificial.

prem ratan dhan payo movie reviewThat said, there are many portions which seem unnecessary; and break the plot. For instance, the courtship scenes of the Prince and his fiancée; have been dragged on a bit long. There are certain other sequence, which seem disjointed. One such, is the football sequence.

As said in the beginning, the movie seems a bit too long. With better editing, the movie could have been at least 30 minutes shorter.

I will not complain about the songs, as they seem to gel perfectly with the story-line. The background music surely give the movie a Happy, positive vibe.

Salman Khan steals the stage with his sheer presence. He looks realistic in the Role(s) as well.

Sonal Kapoor has played her character pretty well. If the idea of casting Sonam for the role is to bring nubile mischievousness to the character with the elegance & glamour, then Sonam Kapoor seems the perfect fit. She must be given more credit for her acting skills.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, Armaan Kohli and Swara Bhaskar seem convincing in their roles as well. But they hardly get any screen time. But that’s not unusual for any Sooraj Barjatya movie. The director has a habit of having complex characters in his movies, casting known faces; and giving them very little screen presence. This in my view weakens the plot, as the audience never gets to know why a particular character is behaving that way.

Gaurav Dobriyal as the friend of a common Joe is good as well. He doesn’t bring any freshness; as he’s increasing being type-casted.

And Anupam Kher as Prince’s confidante has done justice to the faith the director had on him. He’s a seasoned actor.

The editing and special effects are a disappointment. There’s one more disappointment. The Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace) sequence towards the end, doesn’t make good use of all the mirrors and chandeliers used. The audience keeps scratching his/her head about what objective the sequence served.

If you like movies with Happy and clear ending; then on an emotional level, ‘The End’ leaves you with mixed emotions. I personally can’t decide who to feel happy for!

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

The movie will easily cross 350 crore Rupees though.