Premature Celebration cannot be justified by Outcome | BJP Vijay Diwas

Today, or February 25 2017, is being celebrated by BJP as the Vijay Diwas.

The Vijay Diwas or Victory Day to celebrate its performance in Maharashtra Civic Polls 2017 (BMC elections). The celebration would have made sense if they took place in the State. But celebrating the victory across India is going overboard, and is unnecessary.

The celebration comes amidst Assembly elections in UP. Hence the party wants to link the BMC performance with demonetization.

Irrespective of the outcome of the UP Elections, the celebration appears premature. Yes, the party’s decision to celebrate the victory in every District Office of the party across India, is premature; even if BJP wins in all the Assembly elections the next month.

That said, the Civic Body Elections in any State are NOT a referendum on the success of Demonetization. The effects of demonetization, both positive and negative, will far surpass the outcomes of the recent and upcoming elections (including the General Elections of 2019). Hence celebrating demonetization today is premature and; a marketing gimmick.

Some people are justifying the ‘referendum on Demonetization‘ claim by BJP on the grounds of Mumbai being the Economic capital of the country. Such justifications themselves defeat the ‘referendum on Demonetization’ claim. As Economic Capital doesn’t reflect the entire India.

As of now, demonetization has bore NO GOOD for the common man.