Present Delhi salubrious for Horse Trading!

When BJP had 32 assembly seats in Delhi, BJP told the Lieutenant Governor that it can’t form a Government. Now when BJP has MLAs less than 32, it intends to form the Government. How?

More than that, why is LG waiting for BJP to form the Government, when BJP doesn’t have numbers to form the Government? Will MLAs from AAP or Congress join BJP?

If for a minute, we treat BJP as a party with difference, a party which doesn’t indulge in horse trading (buying selling of elected representatives), then what will be the reward or incentive for anyone who leaves his/her party for the BJP?

Will the incentive be — Sudden surge of Nationalism ?

Will the incentive be — Sudden change of ideology? That’s will the MLA make a 360 degree ideology and loyalty change, juts for the love for Modi?

Will the incentive be — Money or some Ministry?

You decide yourself.

It’s true that the expense of conducting re-elections is a big burden on the Nation, but what to do if the electorate doesn’t give clear mandate to one single party or alliance. Under this scenario, it’s always better to have a re-election. After all ask yourself, what kind of Government will be created by the support of MLAs who rival parties and ideologies. Such Government can never be corruption free, as those who enabled its creation came for their vested interests.