President Kovind has NOT gained 30 Lakh Twitter Followers in a Day

All through yesterday, section of Indian media was literally stamping on one another to report one important news to you : President Kovind makes Twitter debut and gains 3 million+ followers in a couple of hours (some were even claiming that the feat was accomplished in a matter of minutes).

The above news reports are surely in line with the newspaper headlines of the past one week, which want to believe in an Utopian reality of “Rashtrapati Bhavan me Ram”.

Why? and How?

Actually, the new President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, didn’t gain 3 million twitter followers in a couple of minutes. Neither did he gain 3 million plus followers in a couple of hours or in a day. Actually, the official Rashtrapati Bhavan Account, that is being referred to by these News channels, had 3 million+ followers during previous President Pranab Mukherjee’s tenure as President. When Mr. Kovind sworn in as the President of India, then the same Twitter account along with the followers has been updated with his name. The only thing which is not transferred are the tweets made by the former President Pranab Mukherjee. Those tweets have been moved to an archive account (you can see it as a repository, where no updation to deletion will take place). You can see all those tweets here.

Thus, the new President has NOT gained 3 million plus or 30 Lakh twitter followers yesterday. The Twitter account which he has been handed over by the previous President Pranab Mukherjee already had 3 million plus followers.

Lets see what the new President shares with the citizens in his 5 year tenure. He will surely take the Twitter account followers tally to a higher number!

Pranab Mukherjee managed to gain 3 million followers during the five years of his tenure as the President of India. If you want to hear him now, then yesterday onwards, he will be tweeting from his personal Twitter account, citiznmukherjee.