When US President’s Personal Tweets look Like the ‘OFFICIAL’ Ones!

A Twitter app neatly presents everything Trump tweets or had tweeted, including those not so good, distasteful and obnoxious tweets, in a format which has a very ‘Official Look’ to it.

When Media starts publishing all the tweets of a prime minister or a president, then the viewer/reader is left with very limited options. She/he can either move to some other TV News Channel, subscribe to some other newspaper; or create an App — which converts every tweet in the incumbent politician’s feed into a Press Brief.

A Press Secretary Bot for President Trump


A section of people in US are already feeling the irritation for Media’s overt obsession for President Trump’s Twitter feed. They seem to be fed up with the more than necessary Media coverage being given to Trump’s tweets. One such person, Kellyanne Conway, has created a new Twitter application, named RealPressSecBot — an app which turns the tweets in president’s Twitter feed into official White House statements.

Explaining the relevance of the Twitter app, Conway says,

“This obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter and very little of what he does as president,”

The Twitter app is an interesting experiment as it neatly presents everything Trump tweets or had tweeted, including those not so good, distasteful or obnoxious tweets, in a format which has a very ‘Official Look’ to it.

In the name of communicating directly with the People


You may not be aware but the US President Donald Trump uses his own personal Twitter handle to communicate with the people. When asked why he chose his own Twitter handle over the President’s Official Twitter handle (Official White House Handle), he reasoned that it helps him communicate directly with a bigger number of people (he has one of the largest followings on Twitter).

The choice may have its merits and demerits. But one of the most visible demerits in an incumbent using her/his personal handle is: The hazy communication. People get confused as to what is Official and what is Personal.

A president or a prime minister may say (tweet) best of the things in his/her personal Twitter account, but because they are sometimes said in the non-Official capacity, they mean nothing. There’s another demerit. A Premier prone to tweeting his mind, can sometimes say things which are in direct confrontation with the Official Position.

In simple, not everything which a President or a prime minister says is a matter of the public record. Only those communication which is made on record is a public record.

To conclude, the RealPressSecBot is an interesting experiment. It may make President Donald Trump more conscious and responsible of what he tweets. Over the time, it will be known what effect the app has made on the nature of Trump’s Tweets.

The RealPressSecBot is interesting for one more reason. It has the potential to raise a debate on another important question: Should a president or a prime minister continue using his/her personal Twitter Account?

The question is important because as a PM or a President, there’s not many occasions, much scope and time left for the incumbent to say his/her mind. If there are some, then they can easily be accommodated in the Official Twitter handle of the Office.

Think about it. We are seeing a similar communication model at work, here in India as well.