Priyanka Chaturvedi leaves Congress for Real Reasons…

Some among us (people in general) saw Priyanka Chaturvedi’s move as guided by reasons purely aspirational. Which may NOT be a correct conclusion.

Yesterday, Indian National Congress’s young and much likable spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi left Congress and joined Shiv Sena.

Some among us (people in general) saw her move as guided by reasons which are purely aspirational. Which may not be a correct conclusion.

priyanka chaturvedi inc, priyanka chaturvedi shiv sena, mumbai north seat, sanjay nirupamIn her two page resignation to her former party Executive, Ms Chaturvedi mentioned one prominent reason for her decision. The reason was — A senior party functionary misbehaved with her and harassed her. But even after bringing this to the  party organisation’s notice, the organization chose not to address the matter with required urgency(because elections are on).

Those who are criticizing her for leaving the party are seeing the move as a purely aspirational one. Ms Chaturvedi has also accepted on record that she had desired to contest the Lok Sabha elections 2019 from Mumbal North Lok Sabha seat.

But still, is the move purely guided by aspiration?

I think it is NOT.

Priyanka Chaturvedi has left the party because she had felt that her former party has let her down on an issue which is close to her way of thinking. As a young working woman, leader with an independent thinking process, she doesn’t see herself as someone who can be easily ignored. That is understandable, going by her career so far.

That said, it is not a time to point fingers at anyone. But one thing must be understood here — INC or for that matter any other political party are work places and hence it is their responsibility to make their workplaces safe and healthy for their workers. Women contribute significantly (sometimes bear-share of effort) in the growth of any organisation, hence organizations are duty bound to make their workplaces safe and healthy for their workers. INC must have acted more decisively in addressing Priyanka Chaturvedi’s grievance. INC must now take responsibility here.

To conclude, political parties are no different from Corporate work places, any other work places. A political party may not have a similar profit loss balance sheet, but it does have a gain and growth mentality.

So why political parties be any different from “For profit organisations”! They are also duty bound to provide a healthy work environment for their workers and; listen to their grievances in a timely manner.