Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi “ONLY a Dynast” | NO… 5 Reasons

Priyanka Gandhi has entered into active politics yesterday.

The Indian National Congress has made her the party General Secretary. In addition, she has been made the party convener for Eastern Uttar Pradesh for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Her entry in active politics has given its political opponent, the BJP, an opportunity to restart the “Dynast” and the “Dynasty” debate in Indian politics.

The question is NOT out of line because Priyanka Gandhi or Priyanka Vadra, indeed belongs to the Gandhi family, which like it or not, has been in active politics for many generations now.

Is Gandhi family the most influential political family in INC; or for that matter in Indian political space?

Yes, it is.

So the dynast or dynasty word here is NOT wrong.

But is it correct to define Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi as “ONLY a dynast”?


Below are some reasons, why it is NOT correct:

  1. Rahul Gandhi came into active politics about 15 years ago. He is an MP directly elected by the people.
  2. Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi may have born in an influential family; but they cannot be blamed for that. In simple words, we cannot blame a person or define a person purely on the basis of their birth, religion or caste. No person can choose his/her parents, the family or the place of his/her birth. A person born in an average or poor family is NOT defined purely in terms of his poverty or humble background. We must follow the same rule for those born in affluent families. Their personality is beyond the over simplistic tag of a “Dynast”.
  3. The present Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is praised for his humble origins. And rightly so. But does that mean, we must judge his performance as a Prime Minister based on those humble origins?… No, Because as a Prime Minister he will be judged based on his work as a Prime Minister. His personality is beyond the over simplistic tag of a “person with humble origins”. If people vote for Mr. Narendra Modi, then they will do so for many other reasons.
  4. Dynasties exist in every field, be it politics or businesses. Even in politics, it exists in almost all political parties including the BJP. In the present Lok Sabha (Lok Sabha 2014) the party with highest percentage of dynasts (belonging to politically influential families) is the INC. But there is a catch here. There are only 44 Congress MPs in Lok Sabha 2014. Most of these are dynasts because in a landslide defeat, only politically powerful families manage to save their seats. When the total number of MPs is small, any percentage becomes big. For example, if we assume that there are 40 dynasts each in BJP and Congress MPs in 2014 Lok Sabha then, the percentage of dynasts becomes 91 percent  for Congress and only 14 percent for the BJP (282 MPs). So even when the numbers are same, the percentages can be different.
  5. Belonging to an affluent, influential family does not mean lack of ability. If that is so, then RIL would have collapsed at the death of Dhiru Bhai Ambani. The reality is, Every one has to prove his/her mantle (leadership, ability etc.); and in this respect, the dynasts are no different.

To conclude, it is for you to decide whether to debate the dynasts or the dynasties in Indian politics. If you don’t then for information sake, Mr. Piyush Goyal has been made the Finance Minister of India; and it will be he and not Arun Jaitley who will present the budget 2019!