Psychologist Brilliantly explains Depression with a Shayari !

Depression or ‘Avasad’ in Hindi is on an increase in the past few decades. It’s not that depression didn’t take place earlier. Only that the prevalence was limited. Many psychologists are of the view that at the root of Depression is the money problem. Since the World and Indians as well, are increasingly becoming materialistic; hence the depression is increasing.

The moment a person gets into money trouble — Overwhelming dept, money scarcity etc., the depression or the nascent symptoms of depressions start showing.

In a Doordarshan programme on Depression, a renowned psychologist quoted a couplet of Mirza Ghalib, which the Shayar of mid 1800s wrote when he was in depression. The couplet specifically refers to Ghalib’s seemingly unending money problems and draining off of all vitality from his life.

In the same programme the same Psychologist, gave an easy rule of thumb to identify depression. He quoted a Ghazal couplet of Shayar Nida Fazli; and informed that if a person experiences the state of mind as stated in the Nida’s Shayari, for prolonged duration of time (days and weeks); the person or his/her family must consult a doctor (psychologist or a neurologist). The couplet is:

“Apna Gham Leke Kahin Aur Na Jaaya Jaaye.

Ghar mein Bikhri Hui Cheejon ko Sajaaya Jaaye.”

The above lines mean : It has become impossible to go out with my Sorrow. Let I decorate the Things scattered all over inside my House.

From what I get from the Psychologist’s explanation:

A Depression or a nascent Depression or the early signs of depressions are — If a person goes into a shell (closed state of mind, unwilling to open up to others for Help or simple sharing) for days and weeks, with no signs of hope, seeing his/her problem unsolvable, desperately brainstorming as to how to come out of the state; but doing nothing proactive to solve the misery (functional ineffectiveness).

This means unwillingness to do any task, dejection, sleeping too much, etc.

A state of mind which says, there’s no way out of the misery.

If above are the symptoms, then the person must consult or his/her family must take him/her to a Psychologist or Neurologist. There’s nothing wrong in consulting a Psychologist, mental illness is just like any other ailment.

PS: Becoming depressed or pessimist once in a while, that is after a few days or after a few weeks is alright; unless you come out of it. Such pessimism is not depression. It’s a self appraisal mechanism of brain to think over the actions of the past days or weeks. And it’s mind’s way of helping the person improve and grow.

If a person DOESN’T feel some pessimism after some days or weeks, out of which he/she comes out with innovative thinking and optimism; then in that case the person can never know whether the things he/she does are good for him/her in long run, are ethical, are moral etc. In short, some reversible pessimism in life is necessary to grow and progress. And that is not a Depression.

DISCLAIMER: This Article is for information purposes Only. Consult a well qualified Doctor for Diagnosis.

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