Pub Crawl performing a sex act is latest Social Media Trend

Such is craze for Facebook Likes and getting viral on Facebook, that newer trends surface on the social media. Yes, you can ascribe this to smartphones with cameras as well. The latest Social media trend on Facebook, Twitter is the Pub Crawl.

A Pub Crawl, also called Gin Crawl or Bohemian Death March is,

A pub crawl (sometimes called a bar tour, bar crawl or bar-hopping) is the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally walking or busing to each one between drinking.

A Pub crawl might be happening for many years now, but the craze to get viral on social networks is bringing different versions of it. For instance, Pub crawl performing a sex act . Recently, pub crawl Magaluf, a major holiday resort on Majorca, viraled on social media, when a 21-year-old from County Armagh in Northern Ireland was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men during a pub crawl .