Pulses or Dal is important for Good Health…Listen every Indian!

Read a Newspaper report, where a person was quoted saying : Pulses or Dal are not necessary. Actually they cause joint pain.

He quickly added that he’s not defending anyone or any Government though.

Pulses are Important

See, pulses are an important part of our daily diet. It’s a source of protein. if someone doesn’t want to eat pulses, then he/she has to substitute it with meat or milk.

When we are growing up, we need protein to grow.

When we become adult, we need protein to make up for the daily wear and tear in the body.

In simple, protein in our food is necessary through out our lives.

We often see people trying to minimize protein in their child’s diet; and replace it with vegetables and fruits. This is not good, as a child needs protein for his/her growth. Actually, protein must constitute the biggest part in a child’s diet, followed by carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals (key source vegetables and fruits).

In recent years, we have seen a fashion, where people are removing protein from the food plate of Child, Adult and Old; assuming that fruits and vegetables will make up for the smaller shares of protein and carbohydrates. This is not correct.

Remember this:

  • Proteins are necessary for growth (creation of new cells) and the repair of daily wear and tear needs of the body.
  • Carbohydrates are the source of instant energy; and
  • Vitamins and minerals (fruits and vegetables) are necessary for overall metabolism.

Hence you can’t replace one with the other. All are important.

Hence pulses are important.

To conclude, both genes and food, affects growth and health (body and mental). Hence, lack of balanced diet, stunts (stops) healthy growth and prevents good health. Make sure you have one.