Pulwama terror attack | Who is politicizing it?

Days following the Pulwama terror incident, all sort of information was fed to people by the media  and the official sources. Something which has distracted us from some important questions.

A book review was scheduled for today but because we Indians are much pained by the Pulwama incident resulting in deaths of more than 40 CRPF personnel and an equal number injured, hence a small post about Pulwama first.

pulwama terror attack, pulwama attack crpf bus, crpf soldiers deaths pulwamaLate evening February 14, 2019, it was reported that a suicide bomber drove in an explosive laden SUV into a bus carrying CRPF personnel resulting in an explosion and death of more than 40 CRPF personnel and an equal number injured. The incident took place at Avantipora on Srinagar-Anantnag(Jammu) Highway NH 44.

Minutes after the incident various versions of the attack start broadcasting on TV channels. Some said it is a terror attack wherein a parked SUV was made to roll down on a steep slope to collide with a the bus in the long CRPF convoy. Some others said it is a suicide bomb attack and the organization behind it is Jaish-e-Mohammad. After that many other information pieces were reported by the TV Channels, quoting the J&K Governor and the Union Government. Such as the SUV carried 350 kilograms of explosives, inbred local terrorists were involved in the attack, Pakistan is behind the attack etc.

Within minutes of the incident, the Governor of J&K Mr. Satpal Malik, took full responsibility of the serious mistake on the Government’s part resulting in the incident.

The day following the Pulwama incident, the Home ministry clarified that the vehicle used in the attack was not an SUV but a car. In addition, it was clarified that the car had only 60 kilograms of explosives in it.

In the three days following the Pulwama incident, all sort of information was fed to the people by the media and the official sources. Something which has distracted us from some important questions.

How was it possible that someone carrying even 60 kilograms of explosives managed to get into CRPF convoy?

How such security lapse could have been possible when such a large convoy of CRPF soldiers was moving on the sensitive highway… amidst heightened security measures?

Why did the Governor of J&K take responsibility of serious security lapse, that early?

And finally, what kind of intelligence apparatus the country has? … which knows the culprit minutes after the incident, but nothing before it!

In the past three days following the incident, every political party in the country has unquestioningly condemned the Pulwama incident and; they even postponed their press conferences and public rallies etc. These political parties have clearly stated that they and the country understands the pain of those killed and bereaved in the terror attack; and hence they stand with them(victims) in a time of great sorrow.

But for some reason, the party in power, the BJP and the Prime Minister are addressing public rallies and making all sort of statements. In addition, they are politicizing the issue. It was absolutely unnecessary for the Prime minister of India make the statement wherein he is giving “Free reins to the Armed Forces in Kashmir”.

To conclude, it is not about some very visible propaganda wherein some over enthusiastic supporters of the Government are encouraging people to vote for Modi and give BJP 400 plus seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections after the Pulwama attack. It is about the country. If we people and their political rival parties are unquestioningly telling the present Government and the Prime Minister that India stands united and is behind the Government on the cruel, evil and unprincipled attack; then why politicize it?

To conclude, if the voters in the country choose the present government in 2019 elections, then no one can stop them from giving “Free reins to the Armed Forces in Kashmir”. But that doesn’t mean the incident can be used to compel people to vote.