2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Online

With the popularity of flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, a section of Indians are all too keen to buy products online. Although, we ourselves keep posting buying links for books and products on this website, I don’t encourage our esteemed readers to buy. Why? As Money matters. As a Wiseman once said — Paisa Khuda nahin hai, Par Khuda Se Kam bhi nahin hai (means — Money may not be God, but it’s nothing Less). Those who are quick to counter me, by saying — Money can’t buy Everything, say Happiness. My reply will be: Surely, Money can’t buy Happiness, so can’t the absence of It. In addition, one fact remains: Money spent once, can’t be spent Twice.

That’s why the ease of buying Online or Online Discounts or freebies, must not compel an online buyer buy something. The being must always be a result of the real need.

Below are the Three Questions every Online Buyer must ask himself/herself before Buying Online:

1) Do I really need the Product?

Every time you feel the urge to buy something online, ask yourself one question : Do I really want this Product? Or am I making an artificial need and consumption for the product? And follow what your heart says.

Artificial need, means you buying a bluetooth speaker, so that you can listen to music on the terrace. When you very well know, you rarely get time to sit there.

Artificial Consumption, means inflating your consumption , so that you find a reason to buy the product. An example. Many a times Shopping malls launch schemes where one gets ‘1 free on Buying 2 units’. For instance You land an offer where if you buy 2 Bottles of Tomato Ketchup, you get a 3rd bottle for free. Inside your mind, you know that you need just One Bottle. But the lure of the third one is making you convince your mind that you can stock the bottles for extended use. The offer is not in your favour as you are spending double for Ketchup.

2) Is the Discount Festival “One of the Time Opportunity”?

In the era where telemarketing companies buy multiple One hour ad slots a day, just to talk endlessly about a product; the buyer needs to be cautious. This caution means doing some homework to find whether the ‘One of the Life Time’ Opportunity being advertised, is actually that rare. These days, Online e-commerce companies are running discount festivals every other day.


For long India remained protected from this blatant consumerism and stocking mentality. But with the advent of Western retail concepts we are seeing a surge in the tendency to over buy or wasteful buy.

Lets ask ourselves these two Questions, every time we buy online or offline.