Radhika Apte leaked nude clip : She must not bother about Context!

Some months ago, Actor Radhika Apte’s nude clip from a film got leaked online. It was reported widely that the 14 second clip, which is from a 20-minute short film, Prada, directed by Anurag Kashyap; shows the actress lifting her floral dress to expose the bare lower front part of her body to a man. The actress remained silent on the leaked clip at that time. Now when the movie is going to release; the actress finally decided to talk about the clip.

In a recent interview, Radhika says that she chose to remain silent at that time simply because speaking about the clip before the release would not make any sense, as people would have started seeing it out of context. She decided to open her mouth now, as now the audience can see the nude clip in the context of the movie.

As an actor, Radhika must not bother about these things. The decision to do the nude scene was her choice; now in what context, the viewer sees it, is none of her business. Things would have been different if some of her personal moment or some clip taken without her consent had gone viral. As an actor she must see the clip as a professional decision.

Radhika Apte is a fine actor, if she has done something as an actor, then why try to thrust upon a fixed perspective upon the audience.

That said, her performance in a recently released Sujoy Ghosh short Film, Ahalya, where she has played the role of a young wife of an aging artist, is getting rave reviews. The movie is Sujoy Ghosh’s feminist take on the famous mythological story. Sujoy Ghosh is all praise about the way Radhika Apte managed to bring an understated sensuality to her role.