Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies rolls out his Book

One of the Twin Taklas of MTV’s Roadies Fame, Raghu Ram, has written a book. The book titled Rearview : My Roadies Journey , is about Raghu Ram, who’s equally hated and respected for his screen presence on MTV Roadies. The book takes readers through Raghu’s life, and tells us the story of a man famous for the way he intimidates people by walking on stage. Sometimes, he corners Roadies Aspirants ,so as to see their conviction and never say die attitude. No wonder, many youngsters, participating in the Roadies auditions, call their audition, a life changing experience. To sum up, the bald duo are a celebrity among the 20-30 year old Indians. And there are reasons why Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman hold such a venerated position among their followers. They present the picture of a confident Gen Y (the duo themselves may be Gen X).

The book will be a good read, as it’s Raghu Ram’s journey of transformation from a boy, scrawny, weak and easily intimidated by society’s darkness, to confident achiever. An achiever who dons many hats. He’s a singer, producer, editor, camera-man, singer and jammer… and more.

About Raghu Ram

Raghu Ram is the executive producer of the reality television show MTV Roadies.

He attended the University of Delhi. Raghu Ram currently lives in Mumbai with his wife Sugandha Garg, who co-hosted the Whats with Indian men along with Indrani Dasgupta and It happens only in India on Fox Traveller.