Rahul’s Credentials for PM Post… By PM Manmohan Singh

PM Dr. Manmahan Singh: Rahul has outstanding credentials to be PM candidate…

So true…

  • He has always given 100% of himself to the cause of the nation.
  • He has continued to work hard for the country, even when others hogged limelight.
  • He is one of the rare breed who made India proud wherever he went.
  • His behavior and public demeanor has always be exemplary.
  • He commands respect from his peers as well as seniors.
  • He never played politics and always put nation before self.
  • He’s now in early forties, but has always shown maturity beyond his age.
  • He is handsome, girls adore him and boys want to emulate him.
  • He is an intelligent man with extraordinary knowledge.
  • He is truly a Youth Icon for the country and an excellent orator too.

So true, Rahul Dravid, the Great Wall of India has outstanding credentials to be the Prime Minister of India… !

But the problem is we don’t know if is he willing to take the plunge and take on the challenge ?

Adding Further, below are the views of BCCI about Modi,

  • He’s Corrupt and has embezzled huge sums of money
  • He’s always Planning and Plotting
  • If He comes to Power he will bring a bad name…
  • He makes people Think small
  • He sows division among people

To BCCI of course. Here BCCI doesn’t want Lait Modi Modi become the Rajasthan Cricket Control Board President.

Now, did I miss anything ?